Up-to-Date Resumes

Process & Prices

Process & Prices
I am happy to provide you with a free evaluation of your existing resume.  Simply e-mail your current resume to jms@uptodateresumes.com and indicate a good time and phone number at which to call you back.  We can discuss how your resume is working for you and opportunities that you may be missing.

Here are the easy steps to having a new and improved resume!

1. E-Mail.  Send an e-mail to me at jms@uptodateresumes.com.   Let's discuss what you need and how soon you need it!

2. PRICES QUOTED UP-FRONT.  I will let you know how much your resume will cost based on the resume evaluation OR after our initial discussion.  Prices will fall in the ranges below:
Students or Individuals Returning to the Workforce:  $150
Experienced Employee or Mid-Manager: $175 - $225
Senior or Executive Manager/Project Management:  $250 - $300
Cover Letter/E-Note: $35
Thank You Note/E-Note:  $25 
3. GET READY TO TALK ABOUT YOURSELF.  I DO NOT USE THE INDUSTRY-WIDE SHORTCUT OF QUESTIONNAIRES.  I will prepare your resume based on a PERSONAL INTERVIEW.  My resume interviews typically take about 1-1/2 to 2 hours to complete depending on your work history. 

4. PAYMENT. Payment is due at the close of the interview.  Visa and Mastercard are accepted via secure PayPal invoicing.  Checks will be accepted for interviews conducted in person.

5.  WAITING FOR YOUR RESUME.  A typical resume draft will take 4-5 days to complete.  If your resume will take longer, I will be able to let you know after our interview.

6. REVIEWING YOUR RESUME DRAFT.  I will provide a draft of your resume for your review.  I will work with you personally to make any corrections or revisions to content at that time.

7. RECEIVING YOUR FINAL RESUME.  I will provide you with a final draft via e-mail on MS Word.  I will also provide a version using ASCII that is required for scannable resumes.